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Specialist Aircraft Industry Consultants

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Over 40 years of aviation experience with personalised business plans
and expertise to support all aspects of the Aviation Industry

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What Aviation Partners Can Do For Your Business

  • 40 Years Industry Experience
  • Real time market Intelligence
  • Global Network developed over many years
  • Detail Specification Brochure produced
  • Real time market Intelligence
  • Global Networked developed over many years
  • Large Global Data base
  • Business plan developed for each Aircraft and Engine
  • Market Strategy to suit product
  • Project management
  • Evaluation of Potential Offers
  • Weekly Update Reports
  • Airlines
  • Manufacturers
  • Banks
  • Fund Managers
  • Private Equity Companies
  • Leasing Companies
  • Maintenance Organisations
  • Aircraft Selection and Evaluations
  • Price and Contract Negotiations
  • Sourcing Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Technical acceptance
  • Independent Arrangers
  • Restructuring and Re Finance services
  • Reduction in workload on airlines executives responsible for fleet financing activities
  • Large Lender base
  • Access to Global Equity Providers
  • Fund Structuring and Raising
  • Lease Terminations and Extensions
  • Maximise Customers Investment
  • Fleet Evaluation
  • Minimise and Mitigate Portfolio risk
  • Match portfolio to Market requirements and conditions
  • Aircraft and Engine Fleet Phase in and Phase out Management
  • Aircraft and Engine Inspections
  • Review and Audit Historical Technical Aircraft and Engine records
  • AD Status review and recommendations
  • Mod status
  • Maintenance Reserve Management
  • Lease Return Management
  • Mid lease inspections and reports
  • Engine performance runs, evaluation and borescope inspections
  • Aircraft test Flight review observation and review
  • Short Term aircraft parking Programs
  • Financially manage aircraft retirement from Active Fleet
  • Formulate business plan to Specific Aircraft and Engine serial numbers
  • Transition the aircraft/engine out of the active fleet to maximise the financial returns
  • Evaluate at least Three options for each aircraft, Engines and subsequent components
  • Advise Aircraft owners on Market conditions for the prosed retirement programs
  • Effectively Transition the aircraft to capitalise on Market requirements
  • Provide business model on the financial options when the aircraft is disassembled for disposal as an end of life candidate
  • Develop business plan to maximise the most efficient, low risk, and on-time aircraft transition for the customer
  • Assess the Aircraft and Engine return conditions against the transitional requirements to the next operator
  • Start the transition process early so that there are no issues that are not contained in the business plan
  • Complete records review for the Aircraft, Engines and components
  • Make sure that any maintenance program bridging between operators is efficient and cost effective
  • Good transition management protects the value of the asset today and tomorrow
  • Arrange test flights, transit flights and acceptable aircraft certification
  • Professional approach to the Inspection, Planning, Execution and delivery process of the transition Program

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